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new technologies

The latest developments by DTI include technologies in the Electrical Vehicle market. We have custom lab testing equipment specifically designed to test new battery types that have potential to provide us with the next-generation power requirements we are looking for in the automotive and transportation industries.

Lab testing equipment consists of either linear or switching power supplies controlled by fast and accurate software that allows the user to acquire the data necessary for battery analysis. The data acquired will provide information in performance and life span of the battery, and whether it will suffice the storage needs of the end product.

Other new projects include:

Acid Level Detection - Provide real-time data on battery Acid Levels and report if an insufficient or excessive amount has been added.

Vent Cap Detection - Prevent batteries with misplaced caps to enter automation machines, ensuring acid-free maintainence and less downtime.

Wireless Data Logging - Access real-time current, voltage, and acid-level data to analyze battery perfomance on remote systems.